We take care of your tax and legal concerns related to Spain and abroad and represent you on-site, for example, before tax authorities. We are very familiar with European regulations and double taxation treaties.

Real Estate LAW

Are you buying a holiday property or selling one in Spain? Whether buying, selling, or renting a property, several legal and tax questions may arise during the process. We support private individuals and companies in all matters related to real estate law in Spain.


If granting or receiving an inheritance in the form of money, real estate, personal items, or a combination of assets locally or abroad, we are pleased to be your reliable contact in Spanish and international inheritance law.

Family Law

Spanish, Catalan, and international family law differ from one another. We are very familiar with these differences and will represent you comprehensively on-site, both out of court and in the court. Whether a divorce, separation, child custody, or alimony procedure, we accompany you at each stage with sensibility and professionalism.

Corporate LAW

Dr. Höhne offers expert advice on corporate law in Spain, including company setup, bylaw drafting, director appointment, shareholder meetings, and dispute resolution. They also provide support in tax matters and specialize in the incorporation of all Spanish company forms.

Contract Law

Dr. Höhne offers expert advice on Spanish contract law for corporate, commercial, and real estate agreements. They also provide support in cross-border contract negotiations and can draft contracts in Spanish, Catalan, German, and English. Proper contract drafting and review can prevent legal proceedings, and they can help settle disputes between parties, reaching a mutually acceptable solution.


Start-UP LAW

Dr. Hohne provides legal and tax support for businesses in Spain. We offer advice on company establishment, investments, and self-employment. Our services include drafting and reviewing contracts, bookkeeping, payroll accounting, and representation in claims enforcement. We’re specialize in both Spanish and international contract law and have over 20 years of experience.

Criminal Law

Dr. Höhne’s law firm in Costa Brava offers specialized criminal defense attorneys for clients with criminal law matters. By hiring a criminal lawyer early, it is possible to avoid a main court hearing or obtain an acquittal. The law firm represents clients in Spanish or Catalan, and English-speaking clients can communicate with them in English.


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