Contract Law


Contract law in Spain

Whether renting an apartment, buying a car, or closing a loan agreement, you encounter contracts everywhere. Before signing any important agreement, you should seek expert advice from a lawyer specializing in Spanish contract law to review it. In particular, if you are abroad and don’t speak the local language.

Our clients appreciate that they can communicate with us in English, German, Spanish, Catalan, and French.

We are your ideal partner to draft and review contracts relevant to corporate, commercial, or real estate law affecting the Spanish and Catalan-speaking legal environment.

International contract law

When dealing with contracts with a cross-border connection, it is essential to involve a lawyer with experience in both the local and foreign legal systems.

Our lawyers have trained abroad and in Spain and are familiar with conflict of laws. That enables us to offer qualified legal advice and draft contracts in Spanish, Catalan, German or English, taking into account the relevant legal systems.

Contract negotiations

As an expat, negotiating and drafting contract terms in a foreign language is a challenge that requires in-depth knowledge of both the language and legal terminology.

Our lawyers specialized in Spanish and Catalan contract law support you in any contract negotiation. Contract attorneys at Dr. Hohne can also assist you in the conclusion of contracts in Spain or in drafting unilateral legal declarations.

After analyzing your case, we define how to achieve your objectives through the contract. We then draft the contract according to your interests.

Our many years of experience in Spanish contract law allow us to identify the characteristics of each contractual relationship and any possible conflict of interest to include them in the drafting of the contract.

Good contracts avoid legal proceedings

Incomplete contracts and incorrect clauses not only lead to discrepancies with the contractual party but can also cost you time and money.

Qualified drafting and review of contracts is essential to avoid conflicts. If a contract is formulated clearly and unambiguously, questions of interpretation do not arise, and disputes between the contracting parties are avoided.

A reliable analysis of contractual and legal liability and litigation risks in the run-up to or during a project is the basis of the legal framework and ensures the project’s success.

In contract law, we draft and review the following types of contracts:

  • sales contracts
  • articles of association
  • commercial and distribution agreements
  • service contracts
  • work contracts
  • termination agreements
  • donation and inheritance contracts
  • leases
  • credit agreements

Terms of service

With the help of general terms and conditions, companies regulate purchasing, sales, and delivery conditions for many purchase contracts.

We will be pleased to assist you in drafting and setting up your general terms and conditions or terms of use following the legal requirements.

Failure to comply with contract law

Breaches of contract usually occur in the following cases:

  • The debtor, intentionally or unintentionally, fails to provide the due service (e.g., an order is not delivered).
  • The agreed service is rendered but not within the agreed time (e.g., an item is delivered too late).
  • The service specified in the contract is not provided in the required quality or condition (e.g., an item other than that agreed upon or a defective item is delivered).
  • The service owed is provided, but other obligations are breached (e.g., an employee of the recipient is injured while delivering an item).
  • Parties have different views on the services, quality, or deadlines agreed upon in the contract.

These different views lead to disputes as to whether the contract has been performed and the consequences of any breach of contract.

As experienced lawyers specializing in Spanish contract law, we can advise you in such disputes and negotiate between the parties a reasonable and mutually acceptable solution in the form of a settlement, thus avoiding court litigation.

If an agreement cannot be reached between the parties, we will be happy to assist you in all legal proceedings, both in Spain and abroad.

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